The herbal healing center established in October of 1996, began as a singular one man operating private consulting alternative center for natural, herbal, alternative and integrative natural supplements.

In the early 2000,s it got a great boost with its owns public television show with Dr.Pinder being its sole host. The  Show titled ‘gods herbal pharmacy ran for a period of three years where because of the heavy work load it had to be discontinued. The center has appeared on various radio shows with one of the most popular shows being let’s talk with Ernie Allan on local radio 92q.it was also simulcast around the world .

The company in a way reinvented the approach to herbal medicine in 1996,for better health for those wanting an alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals, and for developing new ways to improve ,educate and give access to patients who knew nothing about herbals.

Over the years the center has been involved in ongoing research in ozone, hydrogen peroxide and various other treatments commonly used in Europe and other parts of the world. The center has a research facility in the Caribbean (Bahamas) where new products are constantly being researched and developed for international Market.

The center whose first book is being published in 2015 titled ‘a simple book from simpler times for 21st century healing’ will give the reader old time remedies without benefit of harsh pharmaceuticals.